AirtoTextures: BalkansGL004

format: digital
released: 14 December 2017
style: ambient



01. Last Arrivals 08:48

02. Solar Pulse 08:16

03. Exit To Sarajevo 07:59

04. Balkan Rain 06:29

05. Tesla Coil 08:00

06. Walk With Her 08:30


Written, produced by Nikita Technov
Designed by Sergei Galunenko
Photo by Pavel Pestov
Mastered by Michael Kidt


In November 2016, Airto visited the Balkans. These countries with their own unique history, a pervasive influence of the Ottoman Empire and, despite this, a strong Catholic faith struck him to the depths of his soul. The unique discoveries made by Serb Nikola Tesla, the river Bosna, witness to the death of Franz Ferdinand, the beautiful city of Mostar, the majestic mosques - all this made a very strong impression on him. Add to this the compellingly misty and slightly cloudy weather of November, and the album was ready! On his return from the two-week trip, Airto immediately rushed to his home studio, anxious to accurately convert the emotions from the last trip into the album Textures: Balkans.