Galun is a Moscow–based musician, artist and producer who use his beatbox and vocal skills as the main tool for music performance and production. His music may be tagged as beats, semi-juke, house, break beats, ambient but not described completely by this keywords, because Galun getting out of any known electronic genres creating with his voice something different.

In 2007 Sergei took part in composing music for the ballet of Maryinsky Theatre (Saint Petersburg) called "Boxing ring".

Having behind 7 published solo (“Boltun”, “Meltwith Myvoice”, “Smithers” and “Solitude”) and collaborate works (“In Frame” with Monokle, “Somnolence” with Ilia Belorukov and last work “Strannik” with Alek Fin).

During his long career he was a member of different bands and collaborations from Russia (Moremoney, Monokle, Quartet Krylov etc.), created works for TV Shows (“Whole Russia” by TV Kultura; “APB FOX” by FOX).

Since then Galun have played gigs on main club grounds in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. He also became a member of the biggest Russian festivals "Afisha Picnic" and "Skif", and "Wilsonic" festival in Slovakia as well.

In the 2012 Galun and his mate keyboard player Yaroslav became a members of the “Red Bull Soundergraund” music festival based in Sao Paulo (Brazil). During this event they performed a lot of original music compositions and some of Galun’s latest works. Since than Yaroslav became a member of the Galun’s live shows as a synths player.

Now Galun is recording new materials, and the first work of this label is the ambient drone long track.



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